Jeremy Harper, Fine Artist

Santa Barbara, CA


 Jeremy Harper, Fine Artist, was born on November 26,1969 in Ojai, California. He was raised near the beach in Santa Barbara and developed an appreciation for the natural beauty of the coastline. From an early age, Jeremy became dedicated to drawing and painting from life. This passion led him to the San Francisco Art Institute from which he graduated in 1994. Jeremy’s academic focus was on large figurative paintings.


Significant experiences in other cultures augmented Jeremy’s education. Travel to over sixty countries enriched his life with invaluable cultural experiences and many adventures. While abroad, he kept elaborate journals full of experiences and sketches made along the way.


In 1998 Jeremy returned to Santa Barbara and was introduced to plein air painting through the generous teachings of artists Meridith and Whitney Abbott, Michael Drury and John Iwerks. The Oak Group Painters impressed and inspired Jeremy with their awe inspiring talent, history and dedication to land preservation. In 2009 Jeremy was invited to join the Oak Group, which he considers to be a tremendous honor.

Jeremy’s full portfolio can be seen HERE 


As Jeremy describes an epiphany about his unique career path:


“There was moment when I realized that I was going to be painting this magnificent scenery for the rest of my life. An elation settled into my bones as I thought that I’d just won the biggest lottery on earth: it is an indescribable joy that continuously feeds my soul.”.






  Cliff Ghersen has been a teacher in Santa Barbara for many years, and over the years has explored and found many beautiful places around the globe. He looks forward to sharing these special places with small groups of compatible travelers. He and his wife also operate a bed and breakfast in Montecito, the Creekside Montecito, where he has hosted people from many countries. He has known Jeremy for many years. In addition, he’s been organizing trips for family and friends since the 1980′s. Cliff enjoys history, and will be sharing many historical facts and stories from East Anglia/Norfolk.

“Ever since I lived for one year in this scenic part of England, and got to know it,  I have looked forward to introducing its beauty and background to other people. This summer’s lodging and itinerary will delight many of you, especially those who enjoy the beauty and antiquity of the English countryside, and the villages that dot the area. Painting these scenes with Jeremy’s guidance will be a memorable experience!”

Away We Go Trips” is a travel service that Cliff founded, which helps to put together artists, photographers, and creative thinkers who want to learn from one another, as well as see and experience interesting corners of the world.